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Sound design

We provide sound conception and supervision
for all types of productions. In tune with the scenario or animation,

We create the appropriate sound elements and background layers for the desired atmosphere :
suspense, tension, emotion... and a wide range of sound effects like :
detonations/explosions, steps, door slams and creakings, screams, climatic events...

For that, we use digital sound effects libraries, either coming from libraries created before, or created especially for the film, commercial,
the game or any other media in development. Our skils and experience are valuable to produce the aural textures needed to pinpoint specific moments or enhance the overall feel of a film, a tv show, a documentary or video game.

We excel in the art to amplify the overall emotion of a creation, allowing it to be the aural experience
of professional quality that you want for your public.

We master sound creation and production softwares (Avid Protools, Apple Logic Pro...), that we use to create and layer the sounds,
as well as apply various treatments and effects (filters, reverberation, delay, stereo field...).

Our technical rigour is the foundation of our artistic imagination.

  • Music

    Reel esthetic and commercial for your image

  • Sound Design

    We provide sound conception and supervision

  • Post Production

    We also offer post production services