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Post Production

We also offer post production services :

Sound treatment following artistic direction (effects, pitch/tune)
Post-synchronisation (replacement or additional sounds)

Sound editing Stereo mixing Audio restoration and cleaning (noise, distortion, clipping,
Crackles and clicks, hum & hiss, gaps in audio...)

Stereo mastering
Audio transfer and encoding (wav, mp3, aac, flac, etc.)
Master support creation (DDP, CD-R, Web, ISRC, UPC, CD-text)

Wether you need to replace a poor quality sound recording,
add new sounds or dialogs, we can handle many of your post-synchronization needs,
and provide the audio engineering tasks related :

-We edit and wedge the audio elements regarding image cue or animation.

-We mix all sounds and layers, in order to give a realistic impression
(volume edition, equalization, reverb, panoramics), and to insure the soundtrack is clean
(audio cleaning, creation of fades in-out, crossfades) and clear
(compression of the elements, phase problems solving) on every support.

-Lastly we deliver the final master at the standard
required by the channel or media broadcasting your program.

Our skills, from video edition on Avid Media Composer to audio
edition/production on Avid Protool confer us a perfect overview on the
whole post-production process.

  • Music

    Reel esthetic and commercial for your image

  • Sound Design

    We provide sound conception and supervision

  • Post Production

    We also offer post production services