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Salvador | Thomas | Pascal | Nicolas

  • Salvador

    Composer, Producer,
    Artistic direction, Project manager



    Salvador was attracted to music at an early age. He began playing electric guitar with his band - and following the so-called "rock period" he was introduced to electronic music.

    He has performed his music in concert in front of thousands of fans around the world. After a long career as electronic producer, he decided to focus on his project : movie composer.

    He already have great skills with computers, softwares, synthesizers and he decided start a school for movie composers and sound engineer with pro tools. Attending the prestigious Cifap School of Music, Salvador completed degree in composition and recording arts.

    His talent was recognized by great french movie composers. His compositions have traditional orchestral elements mixed with modern cutting edge style and production.

    Salvador spent his childhood immersed in film and television music; he is delighted now to contribute back to the genres that inspired him.

  • Thomas

    Composer, Sound engineer, Sound designer,
    Post-synchronization, Artistic direction



    Thomas start to play piano at the age of 6 and join the national conservatory at 8 to learn music theory and classical piano. After his high school diploma he enter a cinema school (I.I.I.S) and become video editor.

    After few years of work in the movie industy as a freelance graphist (video editor, special effect compositor) this sound passionate start a new career of composer/producer in electronic music.

    After four albums, lots of releases on different label, but also countless travel and gigs around the world, he decides to co-found Resonant Step to join his to passions, music and image.

    "I like to share emotions through sound and music, and image is a perfect vector for that "

  • Pascal

    Composer, Artistic direction,
    Project manager



    Pascal Hautois. Né à Lyon. Joue de la guitare à 11 ans. Joue du Blues, et gardera de cette expérience , le gout des musiques simples , avec "peu de notes". A 20 ans, se dirige vers l écriture. Etudie l Harmonie, obtient son diplôme de l Institut Musical Européen (Besançon).

    Est initié au contrepoint et à la fugue par Antoine Duhamel (Jean Luc Godard , Pierrot le Fou... ) à l E.N.M de Villeurbanne. Sensible au mouvement minimaliste et répétitif, il écrit ses premières musiques de scène pour la danse contemporaine (Cie Hallet Eghayan , Sophie Tabakov, Laurent Soubise...).

    Il suit l enseignement de Ben Newhouse au Berklee College of Music de Boston (Music Composition for Film and TV).

  • Nicolas

    Composer, Producer, Sound designer Artistic direction, Project manager



    Nicolas Felix is a French film and video game composer born in Nice. He started playing violin at 7 years old, began studying the piano at the age of 13, and then the guitar and singing at 15.
    He played in various rock bands ranging from Rock/Progressive to Metalcore and composed for them.

    In 2010, he started to focus on pop music and folk. In 2011, after making his first film score, he started being interested in music to picture and graduated in Multimedia Technology (Webdesign, sound, graphics, video, lighting).

    In 2012, he graduated in a Professional License of video journalism, which made him able to improve as a film composer. In 2013, he began a film scoring Master in Lyon (France) where he studied film scoring, orchestration and production.

    His musical style ranges from pop/rock to orchestral music.