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About Us

Resonant Step is a sound design and music company, initiated by the union of 3 professional composers :
Salvatore Casais, Thomas Dubreuil and Pascal Hautois (S.T.e.P). Nicolas Felix member of Hybrid Chronicles with Salvatore joined our forces recently. Their various skills and experiences, allow them to provide a unique expertise in the music creation and sound post-production field.


We offer artistic and technical solutions for any audio-visual, film, radio or multimedia project.

Our creations are eclectic. Our taste and musical knowledge go from classical to modern music, and allow us to combine orchestral harmony and sound experiments in the most specialized musical universes. A professional studio allow us to provide an outstanding service.

We provide a wide range of post-production works as well : custom sound design, sound edition, audio mixing and mastering.


Our savoir-faire lies on our passion, our exactingness arises from it.

With our personalized follow-up, we can guarantee the quality and relevance of the response we will give to your differents needs. Our multidisciplinary and reactive team has been formed to answer all your expectations.

Those are major assets to offer you custom made creative solutions.


You can also browse our Library offering a large choice of "ready to use" composition and sounds, that we can edit/arrange for you.


  • Salvador

    Composer, Producer,
    Artistic direction, Project manager

  • Thomas

    Composer, Sound engineer, Sound designer,
    Post-synchronization, Artistic direction

  • Pascal

    Composer, Artistic direction,
    Project manager

  • Nicolas

    Composer, Producer, Sound designer,
    Artistic direction, Webdesign

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